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25 Jun 12
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The Empowerment Movement is a coalition of African American Clergy that has come together and formed a faith based voter registration drive. Led by Pastor Jamal Bryant, president of the movement, leaders of various denominations in the faith based community, created an initiative to move the African American Community forward in politics, education and economics with the use of Christian principles.

The Movement is on a mission to Empower those that feel defeated and dissatisfied with issues facing minority communities across the nation such as racial profiling, unemployment, and economic inequity. Pastor Bryant, and the Empowerment Movement believes knowledge, and education are the tools needed to Empower people and bring about change. They are prepared to organize voter registration drives all over the nation to bring this country back to a place where “Black Power” is exercised at the ballot box.

Pastor Jamal Bryant is one of this generation’s most dynamic speakers and a true leader in the fight for social justice and economic equality in the African American community. He believes there is a new generation of young activist that are prepared to utilize their rights and their voices to make a change in the social and civil injustice that is running ramped in low income, and minority communities across the country.

The Empowerment movement was responsible for registering over 100,000 voters on Easter Sunday, and plans to register 1 Million voters by Election Day. African American Churches, Media Outlets, community organizations, and learning institutions across the country are being challenged to get involved in the “Empower the Vote” voter registration drive.

If you’re interested in organizing a voter registration drive in your community, please visit, or contact Amy Malone, GIC Public Relations, 323-972-4081,