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Wife of National Football Champion, Ebony Humphrey Tackles Mental Illness in her latest book MYNPEACE

14 Jun 13
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Amy Malone, Girl in Charge Public Relations

LOS ANGELES, CA – Ebony Humphrey, wife of NFL TE Tory Humphrey Sr., is back with a new book tackeling one of the most tabu subjects in the faith based community; Mental Illness. MYNPEACE, addresses the difficult subject utilizing biblical priciples, medical theory, and personal experiences. The summer release will be available in July 2013.

MYNPEACE, allows readers to explore their own mental stability and how their mental state affects their everyday lives. Not a popular subject in the pulpit many leaders in the church do not speak about the subject of Mental Illness, however many in the church as in the mainstream world are batteling the sickness daily. Ebony Humphrey is here to give those unheard voices an alert ear to hear their cries of pain and give those suffering a guide to mental stability.

A book that includes includes chapeters such as Your Mind is Your Greatest Weapon, What is Spiritual Suicide, and Prayers to Achieve Mind Peace, along with subjects including disarming active plans of suicide, demons of murder and horror, combating recurring evil thoughts, night tremors, praying against the voices, and fantasy of great tourment. This difficult subject is uncomfortable, but taken on with care, and compassion for the reader.

Ebony Humphrey has grown through her journey with her husband as an NFL couple which forced her to deal with the trials and tributlations that come along with long distance relationships, and the battles faced by mothers, wives, and working women around the world. A product of a mentally challenged mother, Ebony grew up dealing with the instability of her situation and the lack of guidance given to her as a child.

She is now a spiritually healthy women of God who has learned to trust God’s word, and utilize his word as a guide for her life. The mother of 5, and a graduate of Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Biology Minor & Pre Med Concentration), she also graduated from Michigan State University’s by Accelerated Nursing Options program where she completed a 4 yr program in 12 months and became a licensed registered nurse with a concentration in geriatric care and provision, and commercial development and planning.

To learn more about Ebony Humphrey visit, or to receive a review copy of MYNPEACE contact GICPR, 323-972-4081 or via email at We are currently scheduling interviews, book signings, and speaking engagements.