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Ebony Humphrey talks Mind, Marriage, and Money

17 Jul 13
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Amy Malone, Girl in Charge Public Relations

Ebony Humphrey, has taken the role of NFL wife and given it a new look. She is talking to church folks about subjects that were never big pulpit favorites such as mental illness, marriage, commitment, sex, and financial security.

Ebony’s first book Inside the Locker Room was a small insight into being the wife of a professional athlete and the journey they took together, but her latest release MYNPEACE explores the subject of mental illness and dealing with the sickness from a biblical, spiritual, and educational point of view.

As she thought about some of the issues plaguing people, especially females in the Black Church community she realized how many of her brothers and sisters were suffering without real solutions. Ebony started reflecting on her own experiences and decided to share her life with others. She now speaks at seminars, conferences, and church services telling her story of living with a mother suffering with mental illness, financial uncertainty, and dealing with the challenges of marriage while spending a great deal of time away from her husband. Not afraid of brutal honesty, Ebony is the perfect person to usher in a new era of spiritual, mental, and personal strength.

Finding it challenging to reach the people she truly felt needed her knowledge,Ebony decided to create a television show that would address various subjects weekly. Currently in the planning stages, she will offer words of wisdom, clever and entertaining anecdotes, and share personal stories from her marriage and childhood on weekly webisodes. Her warm yet strong personality will surly come through to all who view the show and get a glimpse into the down to earth NFL Wife. Her strong spiritual beliefs and compassion for people are what will keep them coming back.

Ebony is the mother of 5, and a graduate of Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Biology Minor & Pre Med Concentration), she also graduated from Michigan State University’s by Accelerated Nursing Options program where she completed a 4 yr program in 12 months and became a licensed registered nurse with a concentration in geriatric care and provision, and commercial development and planning.

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