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Author Debra L. Mars Releases Death of a Fairy Tale on eBooks

07 Oct 13
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October 7, 2013Debra L. Mars (D.L. Mars) is a motivational speaker, and author of the powerful new book Death of a Fairly Tale.  A poignant look at living life after tragedy, D.L. Mars explores the struggles of women who have dealt with life changing experiences such as divorce, domestic violence, financial devastation, and illness.  These women not only overcame, but found strength and power that breathed new life into their existence and allowed them to move forward and begin a new chapter.  Death of a Fairy Tale is currently available as an eBook, and will hit stores in February, 2014.


Formerly a corporate marketing executive at Fortune 500 companies such as General Mills, Coca-Cola, and Frito-Lay, D.L. Mars challenges women to take an earnest look at their lives and objectively evaluate the decisions they’ve made in an effort to rebuild self-worth and empower them to take control of their destiny.  She concludes that all pain and suffering needs to have an expiration date and Death of a Fairy Tale is proving to be a powerful tool to help usher those suffering into a place of peace where they can develop the courage to stamp their tragedy EXPIRED.


Based on the experiences of hundreds of women across the country, D.L.Mars confirms that immense pain and personal trauma is no respecter of financial status, social standings, or ethnicity. The book lends voice to the silent sufferer with uncompromising honesty and affirms that life should not end when a marriage dies, health fails, or financial devastation hits.  The subjects share intimate details of their own personal tragedies and the impact it had on their psychological, financial, and physical lives.  Reflecting on their once hellish existences, the private thoughts and words of each woman provides hard earned wisdom and definitive warnings to all.


One professional athlete’s wife loses her fortune and dreams in an attempt to cover up her husband’s multiple paternity suits; another unsuspecting wife becomes a pawn in her husband’s swinging lifestyle. More than one corporate executive husband hides secret drug addictions until the violence and financial recklessness escalate to a point of no return; while another “Cinderella Bride” discovers that her husband of nine years does not want to live as a man anymore. Some of these women wear sunglasses to cover their black eyes, sell their St. John knits to pay the electric bill, and walk away from million dollar estates in exchange for sanity and peace.


Subject matter experts weigh in on the different toxins that can prove to be lethal to the seemingly happiest of married couples. In addition to identifying the pathologies, they provide advice on how to escape and recover from the direst of circumstances.


With thoughtful compassion Death of a Fairy Tale explores what happens when “happily ever after” does not materialize and offers a hopeful glimpse of what “authentically ever after” might look like instead.  The experiences of the women interviewed will help others confront life with their eye’s wide open, encourage them to take charge, and be bold in their affirmation of their own self-worth.


For additional information on Death of a Fairy Tale visit .  This book is a must read for anyone who has ever loved or dreamt of being in love.


About D.L. Mars

A single parent for 14 years and heart attack survivor, D.L. Mars is no stranger to adversity and life altering events.  She has been featured in numerous public interest stories and various media outlets and has received professional and philanthropic accolades throughout the years; including Who’s Who in Black Dallas.  D.L.Mars has a servant’s heart and frequently reaches out to uplift the homeless and survivors of domestic violence.  Some of her current civic affiliations include: Take the Silence out of Violence-City of Dallas Task Force, The LINKS Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., The Chairman’s Task Force of the Texas State Fair.  She was previously a member of: The National Sickle Cell Board of Directors, The Dallas Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, The Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce and Jack and Jill of America.


A native of Los Angeles California, she is an honors marketing graduate of both the University of Southern California (BS) and the University of Wisconsin (MBA).  She resides in Dallas, Texas and is the grateful mother of two adult children.


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