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The 2nd Annual Aid Africa 5k Run/Walk

11 May 09
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WHAT: The 2nd Annual Aid Africa 5k Run/Walk

WHEN: Saturday, May 16, 2009, 7:00 am Registration

WHERE: Legg Lake at 250 Santa Anita Ave. Whittier Narrows in South El Monte, CA

Saving Lives is as easy as a walk around the lake!

The 2nd Annual Aid Africa 5k Run/Walk on Saturday, May 16 at Whittier Narrows in South El Monte will help save the lives of many refugees in Northern Uganda! The race will begin with Registration at 7:00 am at the picturesque Legg Lake at 250 Santa Anita Ave., just off the 60 Freeway. Come and enjoy the excitement of the race, the tasty refreshments, and learn about the life saving work of Aid Africa.

Aid Africa was founded by Kenneth Goyer, Executive Director, in 2006, to provide humanitarian aid to the poorest, most needy refugees in the Internally Displaced Persons camps (IDP) in Northern Uganda. These people, numbering around 1.4 million, are unable to return to their villages due to 20 years of civil war. They are dying by the thousands each week due to the lack of clean water, food, and medical care.

However, Aid Africa is helping to save many lives every day in Northern Uganda. The clean water project is repairing damaged wells and creating sheltered springs to bring clean drinking water to the people. The reforestation project has planted thousands of trees to produce fruit for sustenance and eventually firewood for cooking. The rocket stove project has built over 50,000 fuel efficient stoves in Africa, that use half the normal firewood for cooking and greatly reduced pollution into the environment. And lastly, Aid Africa takes sick babies to the hospital every day to save their lives from MAD (Malaria, Anemia or Diarrhea). It only costs $10 to save a baby’s life!

You can help saves lives, too, by simply registering for the Aid Africa 5k Run/Walk. Online registration is available at the website or you can register the day of the race, May 16, at 7:00am at Whittier Narrows, Legg Lake. Please take the first step, and sign up to help save lives in Northern Uganda with Aid Africa.